You've earned this. Now on to your next financial goal: homeownership!

You’ve already proven that you are willing to dig in to achieve your goals. Completing the NFCC Envisioning Home Ownership program and earning your NFCC Mortgage-Ready certificate are proof of that!

It’s time to tackle your next financial goal of building wealth through homeownership.

Meet your Lender

Now that you are mortgage-ready, it’s time to do this! The following lender was carefully selected by the NFCC to participate in the Envisioning Home Ownership program. This lender is willing to work with you as you prepare to buy your first home – and has agreed to offer financial incentives exclusively to NFCC Mortgage-Ready Certificate* holders like you – who are approved for a mortgage.*

*Completion of the Envisioning Home Ownership program and receipt of the NFCC Mortgage-Ready Certificate do not guarantee approval for a mortgage. Mortgage applications are subject to the lender’s qualification standards and review process. However, the lender participating in our programs is ready and expressed an interest in working with you to achieve your goal of home ownership.

New American Funding

New American Funding

New American Funding is an all-inclusive mortgage banker. From origination to funding, our underwriters, doc drawers, and funders all work under one roof. Our cohesive team enables us to close loans fast.

Because we process everything in house, it is easy for us to control the delivery dates we offer to our clients. We apply tight controls to provide you with clear timelines and our technology will keep you informed every step of the way.

Special Offer
NFCC clients receive:

  • Complimentary Up-Front Credit Approval
  • $1,000 Credit on Eligible Loan Programs*
  • Dedicated Loan Consultants
  • Home Shopping App
  • Access to Mortgage Calculator for Running Financing  Scenarios
  • Access to a Real Estate Agent Matching Service

Select New American Funding to learn more:

The More You Know

Go deeper with these articles, calculators and tips for first-time homebuyers and owners.

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Why Homeownership Makes Sense

It’s been said that renters make landlords wealthy. When you own your home, it helps you build wealth. The money you would have spent for rent, but now send to your mortgage company, is made up of an interest payment on the loan and a principal payment that reduces your loan balance. With each principal payment you make, you add to the equity you have in your home, building your wealth.

Advantages of Homeownership


Build wealth in a real asset as you repay your mortgage.


Realize appreciation on your investment as the value of the home rises over time.


Customize your living space to match your lifestyle and decorating preferences.


Stabilize your monthly housing expense for better budgeting.


Know that you can accommodate additions to your family without moving.


Gain the potential for future tax benefits.

Homeownership is the American dream. Together, we can make it happen for you.